About ODJA

The Ontario Deputy Judges Association is a lot more than just the remuneration commission, we are about respect, recognition and resources.

Respect - Recognition - Resources
  • Regular access to the Associate Chief Justice and Regional Senior Justices.
  • Establishment of Administrative Deputy Judges recognizing our ability to manage ourselves.
  • Inclusion of Deputy Judges among judiciary around the province at opening of courts ceremonies.
  • Awaited introduction of appropriate judicial insignia for Deputy Judges.
  • ODJA has hired a law firm to represent our interests at the remuneration commission.

Decision Publishing

Assistance in Submitting Superior Court of Justice decisions for possible inclusion in the Update on Current Law, Superior Court of Justice Legal Research Facility

  • When you have decisions that you think might be of assistance to other judges and of general interest, you can provide an electronic copy to ODJA and we will ensure it is provided to the publishers.

Online Member Access

Access to the members-only section of our website for online discussions and materials.

  • You can post and read articles, thought pieces and other items of interest that will only be accessible to ODJA members.
  • You can engage with your fellow Deputy Judges on topics of interest.


Research Assistance

Collaboration with pro bono students Canada – Research Assistance Available

  • If you are dealing with a tricky area of law and you would like to have some additional research performed, you can write a memo and submit it to have a law student undertake research on it.  This is subject to the continued availability of the program.


ODJA members receive educational webinars developed by the small claims judicial institute.

  • Webinars on topics of interest to Deputy Judges that qualify for substantive and professionalism hours.
  • Speakers/presenters are your fellow Deputy Judges.